Welcome to Nordic Walk This Way

Nordic Walking has become the number one fitness activity in Europe and is becoming popular here in the  U.S.  This exercise can be done in any season or terrain.  Nordic Walking can be done by anyone, and one of the best perks is you can start right out your front door!!

People watching their weight will benefit from the “4 Wheel Drive technique”. Top athletes can enhance their performance, and Nordic Walking is also suitable for rehabilitation.

If you sit for long periods because of work, you have noticed that you may have neck and shoulder tension and maybe even back pain.  With effective Nordic Walking, rotation of the spine discs and muscles are enhanced compared to that of regular walking and therefore over time you will feel more limber and your posture may improve.

With Nordic Walking you use 90% of your body’s muscles while increasing your heart rate significantly. Nordic Walking will burn more calories, increase oxygen consumption, and can be up to 46% more efficient than normal walking.

You just may never want to walk without poles again!! 


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